Balance everyday life as Tom, a senior at Vulpesden High School!

Manage your time carefully between your classes, friends, and your new responsibility of providing for yourself and your sister.

After moving from a large city to a small town, 17-year-old Tom and his sister Angie move to the small town of Shorewood out of necessity. After their parent's death, Tom and Angie's aunt took care of them from another country by sending them checks that she received from the government for being their legal guardian. With Tom’s 18th birthday coming up, their funding will be cut in half, resulting in the relocation to Shorewood.

Shortly after starting school, thefts begin to take place around town. With Shorewood being such a small town and everyone knowing everyone, the suspicion of the “newcomers”  being the culprit of the thefts is unavoidable.

Can you catch the real thief before you're labeled as a criminal and trialed as an adult right after graduation? Or, will you be able to identify the thief, and return what was stolen?

  • One main story with up to three different endings based on YOUR decisions throughout the game.

  • Seven unique characters to befriend, each with 10 different scenes with multiple endings each!

  • Visit 12 unique locations with several different activities ranging from place to place.  

  • Keep tabs on your friends using the FriendUp app!

  • Balance work, school, and friends all while trying to solve the thefts before your graduate!


Basic Specs:

  • Title: DeThieved 

  • Developer: Xpresso Games 

  • Genre: Date Sim, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy,

  • Endings: 3 main endings, 24 different character endings

  • Estimated Length: TBA

  • Age Rating: 18+

  • Media: Digital Download

  • Release Date: TBA

  • Price: $TBA

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